About me

I am Sonia. A journalist, life traveler and a mum. I will help you make unforgettable memories of your trip to Barcelona with kids. It will be a city gateway that you all will remember (well, that will depend on your kids age).

Let me guide you to find the best places to enjoy Barcelona with your family  and make the  most of traveling with your family

A little bit of my personal story

I was born and raised in a town not too far from Barcelona. As a kid, I didn´t get to travel much myself but when I grew up a ferocious need to travel started burning within me. Once I started I knew I would never want to stop.

I moved to Barcelona to start my degree in communication and lived there for about a decade with a gap of 5 months that I spent babysitting 3 little monkeys (aka baby boys) in Dublin, Ireland.

I then lived five years away from the city as I decided further to explore the world and established myself in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. But Barcelona was always in the radar, waiting to be explored on my back-home trips. At that time, I also started travelling regularly with my fiancée and we promised ourselves that we would never stop exploring the world. And that is exactly what we are doing with our growing family.

Sonia en Canadá

Being a mum completely changed my life (diapers in an out, breast feeding, bottle feeding, not sleeping for months…) but I also learned that it´s a great opportunity to enjoy every minute of a trip as if it were the first one again.

Why do I write about Barcelona?

I only understand live as a continuous adventure. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to take a couple of years off and tour the world with the whole family but for now I’m Ok with the occasional trip to the other side of the globe and enjoying as much as possible any destination that falls within our radar.

Because I´m not an expert on family trips worldwide (just yet) and I already write a general travel blog in Spanish (check it out at La Zapatilla) I have decided that what I can do best is: help travelling families enjoy what I know and love the best, Barcelona.

This project of mine gives me the opportunity the explore the city again and find the best places to be enjoyed for kids and adults alike. So, I say… bring it on!

Why you should travel to Barcelona with kids

Barcelona is a great city to explore. It has amazing architecture, sunny beaches, tasty Mediterranean food and it´s a top shopping destination. Do you need anything else? You´ll find a good number of museums and art venues, adventure activities for your family and it´s home to one of the most popular football teams, FC Barcelona. As a family destination Barcelona is yet to be discovered. Are you ready?

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